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~   Ezekiel 36:26  (via godmoves)


I’ll come back for you i whisper as i caress the books i can’t afford


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~   note to self (via 27sailors)



A Vancouver charity, RainCity Housing, is converting city benches into pop-up shelters for homeless people. 

Compassion. We hope you show it to others, and also to yourself. 

Yes, exactly. After loving someone so long from afar, imagining their perfection, convincing yourself that they are far too perfect to ever love you in return, and then finding out that they are not perfect is so sweet. It’s a joy, to share imperfections. To share love and imperfections. And, somehow, those imperfections become perfect. They become even more fuel for the love.
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~   Ezra Koenig (via nortonings)
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~   Charles Spurgeon (via enjoi-god)
~   Maya Angelou (via timlebsack)
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